Rita SimonettoBy sharing the innate passion for beautiful things that surround them, Rita Simonetto and Piergiorgio Toniolo create in 1974 the exclusive collection of Woodart pictures and cherry wood furniture complements. 

They obtain such a big success that Piergiorgio Toniolo is pushed to invent the Antenore collection: extraordinary walnut modular furniture. Through their versatility these pieces are forerunners of a type of furniture which adapts to the client’s demands of a contemporary living. 

Thanks to his incurable curiosity and his lively creativity, Piergiorgio Toniolo is later pushed to reinterpret the piano.  For the first time a bar cabinet is inserted inside the instrument. The piano becomes an original architectural element made unique by precious materials and particular finishing. An exclusive furniture piece which enriches the spaces by creating a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere.




Samuele MazzaSamuele Mazza: versatile and interdisciplinary designer, in 2008, thanks to his aesthetic sense and a spirit of furnishing freely, is fascinated by Antenore collection and starts cooperating with the company. 
A unique and exclusive design of consoles and mirrors is developed.

These two pieces are revised and interpreted as “jewels” to wear. The shapes of mirrors inspire to colliers created by worldwide known jewellers, BULGARI, CARTIER e HERMES. This collection is the result of the eclectic personality of Samuele Mazza the object is not only useful but reflects also the taste of those who choose it.