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Antenore StoriaAntenore is counted among the Greek mythological heroes: he was a Trojan wise old man (Iliade, Book VII), he begged the Trojans for Helen’s return to her husband, king Menelao to avoid the war against the Greeks. The Trojan prince Antenore escaped with his ships to the distruction of his town by the Achaei, and landed at the coast of Euganean region. Here in 1183 A. C. he founded Padua, 430 years before the origin of Rome.

In 1998, following the experience and the success gained through the production of small solid cherry wood furniture in “direttorio francese “style, the Antenore collection is created, by the same founders of Woodart.

A Neoclassical Empire style collection which is created to meet the need of furnishing night and day spaces in a more complete and modern way.
The collection of modular elements is originated by a careful study of classical collections, by making a proportion of lower height and greater depth, appropriate to the contemporary living needs.

Later, in the following years, in 2004, the Antenore collection, which quickly expanded, became a real company under the name of Antenore srl


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