Collection of jewels-mirrors and consoles designed by Samuele Mazza.

In creating “Narcisse” we thought about which kind of object could be able to represent the personality of the person who possesses it an the was to it was simple and autonatical: THE MIRROR.

In history, his capacity of reflection has terrified and fascinated people, a loved and at the same time hated object, full of meaning and of history. This is the reason why we imagined the mirror JEWEL!

A piece of furniture that anyone could be able to “wear”at will. We wanted them to be elegant and precious, to narrate history, and to speak about the future, to convey feelings and emotions.
Many designs that emerge from the person who owns it and has to narrate it through its presence.
A luxurious object, because nowadays luxury is a philosophy of life, it is comfort and it is time that everyday we spend for ourselves in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, that is the mirror of our soul.