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Product Description

This refined and unique piano is the result of a painstaking search for materials and shapes.
They are produced piece by piece by experienced craftsmen who forge solid cherry wood and embellish it with the exclusive honey-coloured finishing and aging. It’s a Venetian lacquering with hand carving in gold leaf. Finally a precious Polyester polishing in white, black, nacre colours upon request by providing the colour sample.

Main features of the instrument:

·   It features the enhanced, improved Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) technology, providing performance functions and expressive power found only on grand pianos
·   Recording your performance as audio

In playing the instrument you can::

·   Play piano voices you can reconfigure the entire instrument for optimum piano performance
·   Playing Other Instrument Voices
·   Perform Along with a Full Band - Song Playback
·   Easily Play Backing Parts with Songs - Performance assistant technology
·   Play Melodies along with Auto Accompaniment - Style Playback
·   Display and Play along with the Music Score
·   Guide Lamps
·   Internet Direct Connection

CAUTION: Antenor Italia has exclusive licence for pianos as shown in this catalogue.  Antenor Italia will apply the full discipline of the civil law regarding the protection of distinctive sign and patent right and all norms that regulate unfair competition.