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Woodart's History

The Veneto has always been the natural home for a wide range of artistic activity. Countless ceramics and furniture schools and artisan guilds were found in the region, which was also the birthplace of great architects, painters and sculptors. Cittadella, a city fortified with battlements and turrets to defend it by the Paduans in 1220, has a proud art school tradition, which produced many fine works.
A love for painting and Rita Simonetto’s exceptional artistic talent were the cornerstones on which Piergiorgio Toniolo founded “Woodart” in 1974.


Woodart’s first creations were mainly paintings and meticolously hand-decorated English country-style wooden panels. These were welcomed so warmly by its clientele that Woodart’s name soon became known and praised throughout Italy and abroad. Woodart’s two founders later turned their talents to creating precious pieces which, thanks to Piergiorgio Toniolo’s skillful management, quickly conquered a distinguished niche in the furniture sector and in antique trade.