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Woodart's Product Description

The elaboration of ideas, the development of plants and systems and team planning are the fundamental stages that speak to the creation of objects, whether they are the expression of taste or the passion of those that choose them. Precious, inimitable and timeless.


All the pictures of this collection arise from the “Piergiorgio Toniolo”careful search joined to the skilled artistic trait of “Rita Simonetto”.
They are limited-produced and hand decorated on a silk-screen printing by using different decorative materials and solution: painted on cloth bases or on style original background.


The frames present a distinctive and unusual thickness embracing as an alchemy of the material in various precious woods like walnut, briarwood and erable. Hand-varnished and cared with patina, cherished with valued bee waxes.



The careful selection of the wood and raw materials is the starting point for a great work of quality and unequivocal sign of the special care put into the production phases.
Master craftsmen shape the selected cherry-wood, finish it, taking care of each and every detail with artistic wisdom stemming from ancient traditions and tested techniques. This is a constructive detail, made entirely on solid wood with dovetail joint in front and on the back and diamond grounds.
The final touch, the antique look of the creations are given by the exclusive wax and iron-bases procedure of patinating and ageing which adds substance, light and transparency to the work.